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My husband and I got married on Makena Cove in Maui.

Our wedding night, he told me that he wanted to name our baby girl Makena if we ever had one...aww! I immediately fell in love with it. What do you think about the name?

It will be Makena Diane. (after his late mother)

Honestly....what do you think!?

Thanks ladies :)

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Re: Makena...

  • Makena is pretty and has a really cute story, I say go for it  :)
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    I'm really torn! Makena is so trendy, but I LOVE that story. That is so cute of your DH to stay that. Ok, I made up my mind. Use it!
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  • I agree...very cute and it has a lot of meaning!
  • I like it.  My sister is considering this name, but with the McKenna spelling.  (At least I think they are pronounced the same way...)  I especially like the significance. 
  • I think the name has a nice story behind it (although she may not appreciate it until she's one likes to think about mom and dad's honeymoon!). I know the spelling Makenna is a bit more common.
  • Is it pronounced "Makenna" or Makeena"? With that spelling, it should technically be pronounced "Makeena" as long as there is only one N. So you may get mispronunciations if that's not what you are going for. Just a thought.

    Other than that, I love the meaning and it's pretty. 


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  • I really like it and great meaning behind it too.  I wouldn't change the spelling to Mc.
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  • I like it a lot.  My name is Kyna, pronounced Kenna.  I have people mispronouce it all the time.  It is a family name, it comes from Greek origin meaning family or kin.  There is also a Gaelic origin meaning, royal, but that is usually pronounced Kee-nuh.  My name, I have learned has some Hawaiian origin, if you pronouce it Kai-nuh. 

    Anyway, I've never gotten a bad comment about my name.  People usually say its pretty, if anything at all.  I think my name gave me a good personality.  I was so shy, so my name sparked conversation and forced me to talk.  I love my name and I think if you love Makena, you should use it!  Its not totally out there.  As a teacher, I would have pronounced it just like Makenna.    Name your child what you want, its your baby!

  • I'm going to break rank here. I think the story is wonderful <<but>> I'd use it as a middle name as it is NMS at all...
  • I really like the name and I love Makena Cove - I say use it!
  • I love it! (way to go DH!)

    Not a name I would normally like but its so meaningful, and i love that!

    Go for it!

  • I like it!  Are you going to use the Hawaiian pronunciation? 
  • Like the name. Love the story.

    I usually don't like names like Makena...but in this case I really do.

    Go for it!

  • It's a cute story and so special for you guys.  :)

    It is a trendy name, but my DD is stuck with it too.... as her LAST name!  lol  (the Mc version)

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