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UCSD perinatologist OB Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a high risk perinatologist OB at UCSD?

Re: UCSD perinatologist OB Recommendation

  • hi there, as far as i know, the peri's rotate through the local hospitals.  i go to scripps mercy, but the peri's there all belong to a group that rotates through the scripps hosps, ucsd, and a couple of others.  i have two to highly recommend, and i think they might both be based out of ucsd.  dr. robert kelly.... very senior, and very thorough - willing to spend time explaining and answering my oodles of questions.  also, dr. hull (not sure of his first name), who i also think is based out of ucsd.  he's a character... english, and a little quick with explanations and answers, but also very senior, very respected.  hope you find someone you like.  i am trying to see dr. kelly for all my appts now, because of my recent PTL at 23 wks, and i think it's good to have the continuity of care with one doc if possible.  good luck!
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  • I have seen both Dr. Hull and Dr. Moore at UCSD.  Dr. Moore followed my current pregnancy and delivery and I really, really liked him.  He is the head of reproductive medicine at UCSD and I would see him again in a heartbeat for my next baby.  I liked Dr. Hull as well, but only had a consult with him, so don't really have much to say in regards to care...I do know that he is very well respected and seemed to really know his stuff.  The only downside with Dr. Moore is that if you are super particular about him being the doctor delivering you, that may or may not happen.  I had my baby last Monday and he wasn't able to do the delivery, but I was ok with that from the get go.
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  • Dr. Ramos! She's awesome!?
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    kelli, you are a lucky lady.  i was told dr. moore doesn't even see patients anymore, since he is head of the dept... too busy with admin type stuff now.

    congrats on having that baby! 


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