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Heard an interesting name today at storytime....

Hollis. (boy)

t first I was like WTH, but actually I kinda like it. It really "fit" that family, KWIM?

Re: Heard an interesting name today at storytime....

  • i know a woman named Hollis (in her mid 30's) It really suits her and I like it a lot. I don't think of it as a boy's name, though.
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    There's a character on HBO's Big Love named Hollis Green -- so aside from the creepy polygamist connection, I like the name.
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  • I think its an awful name personally.  Hollis? Ugh.
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    It reminds me of the clothing store Hollister. I'm not a fan.?
  •  I like it foe a girl, not for a boy
  • It's my nephew's middle name - it's a family name. 
  • I had a friend in high school named Hollis.  It suited her quite well.  I'm having trouble picturing it for a boy, but if I knew a male Hollis I'm sure it would make more sense.  I think it's a pretty cool name. 
  • I know of a baby girl Hollis....I think of Holly immediately.

    I like Hollis though-more modern than Holly.

  • I have heard it once before and really like it. I wouldn't consider it because we live near a town named Hollis.
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  • I think of the Run DMC song "Christmas in Hollis."

    Which is fun.

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    There's an adolescent book called Pictures of Hollis Woods and Hollis is a girl. I think it's cute :o)
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  • I know a Hollis (a 50+ year old man) and I love the name.  I suggested it to my DH, but he vetoed.  I think it's just cool, though.

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  • I know a little toddler Hollis (girl).
  • I know two grown men named Hollis. Certainly it is supposed to be a male name but will inevitably be androgynized.
  • Never heard of this name before but it's nms.
  • I've heard this name before.  I kind of like it. 
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  • I like it.  I think it is very cool - for a boy.
  • I like the name Hollis. It was on our list of possible boy names, but DH nixed it.
  • I taught a girl named Hollis Ann, she went by both names. she was a cutie.?
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