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S/O "Preparedness" LOL

First - congrats, Jacks - my fingers are crossed for you!

Here's a funny story from yesterday, from this "experienced" mother of 3.

Ran out to BRU to pick up a new carseat for Quinn  - Britax, on sale, had to be done....lol.  Had to stop and pick up a few things at Wallyworld.

Forgot diaper bag.

Quinn has blowout in Walmart.  Had to run back in and buy wipes AND a new outfit.  Yuckies...lol.

Oops...now that took so long - she's hungry.  Did I mention, we forgot the diaper bag?  No formula, no bottles.

Into BRU - grab ready to feed Similac, and a 3 pack of our favorite Evenflo glass bottles.  Husband sits and feeds baby while son and I get carseat.

Yeah - I've been a Mom for 15 years and this crap still happens once in a blue moon.  LOL

Re: S/O "Preparedness" LOL

  • EmmieBEmmieB member
    I see this happening to me, too. At least you were at a store where you could purchase what you need!
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