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Vote on girls names

H and I have VERY different ideas of what makes a good girls name, so it will take us the full 8 months to figure this all out =)

You will see two totally different styles of names on this very large rough draft... 

So if you are bored please vote =)

A lot of years and a million tears finally led me to you.
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Re: Vote on girls names

  • I like Jillian, Naomi and Samantha.  Wasn't a fan of the others, especially not all the k names.

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    I like most of those names. My favorites are Elizabeth and Jillian. Not a fan of Carlyn, Abrielle, Mikayla, Jaidan, Jailyn, or Kaylin.
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  • i like gabrielle, audrey and kendall the best :)


  • You have some good names to choose from. The only ones that I give a big fat NO to would be Kaylee, Carlyn, Abrielle, Jaidan, Jailyn, and Mikayla.
  • I looooove Sabrina.  So pretty.  Unique but everybody knows how to say it.
  • image MissFreo:
    I looooove Sabrina.  So pretty.  Unique but everybody knows how to say it.

    I second this. 


  • I like Emily and Jillian, they are on my list as well.  Morgan is cute too.  I may use it as a middle name for Emily.
  • I like Gabrielle, Audrey, Elizabeth and Jillian.
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