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Morning ladies!

How is everyone feeling today? 

Any great plans for the weekend?

Re: Morning ladies!

  • Ugh, I am going to be the debbie downer today. I am a blubbering pregnant mess. I am letting the littlest things get to me and I am crying constantly about them! I hate feeling that way, bec I normally am not a cryer.

    For example, last night, dusty worked late, came home and sat right in his lazy boy as usual... Now I have told almost every morning that I have been listening to the baby's hb on the dopplar, and it kinda upsets me that he doesnt ever ask to hear it in the evenings or anything.. all he wants to focus on is that damn tractor. So I cried about that. And then I cried about the fact that I hate our bed and im not getting good sleep, and Dusty says we cant afford to go by a new mattress set.. um last I checked I keep up with our ck acct too and yes, we do have enough..

    And then im tired of being in this "in-between" stage.. A lady at the grocery store asked me how far along I was yesterday and when I told her 12 weeks, she replied, "and you're showing already??? this must be your second child..." umm no, but thanks for insinuating that I am a lard ass...

    Oh and then I am pissed off that I have to work all day today bec they wont let me use sick time or vacation hours to cover my doc apt visits.. I cant tell you the last time I have had to work a full Friday.

    VENT OVER...

    Weekend plans: watching my little sis's softball game tonight and then going antique shopping tomorrow..

  • Ooh, Sorry Brittany.  Hope things get better soon. 

    No big plans.  I am off work today so I am a SAHM for the day which I am loving.  I am going to get my hair done in just a little while and pick up P's 18 month pics.  Can't wait to see them.  No other plans for the weekend yet.   

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  • Sorry Brittany! Hope your weekend cheers you up. Maybe you should just tell Dusty to come listen to the HB. Guys don't think about stuff like that. I'm sure after he hears it once or twice he'll start asking to hear it more often or atleast once in a while. But seriously, guys just aren't into that stuff regardless if it's their first or fourth. And I say just buy a mattress. He'll get over it and love it once he gets to sleep in it. Nothing like a comfy-omfy mattress. And people don't always think before they make comments about a pregnant woman's weight. Trust me..I get "rude" comments all the time but I've been guilty of saying them before just because I wasn't pregnant and wasn't thinking to be honest with you. Just learn to take it with a grain of salt and say something smart ass back. Some people start showing before others because of pre-pg weight, short torsos or just because they start showing early.

     Well I have a fun weekend planned. My stepson turned the big 10 Tuesday so we're throwing him a birthday party tomorrow at our house. We invited the whole family and alot of friends. I've rented a huge water slide and we're bbq'n. I can't friggen wait. I'm going on my lunch today to pick up a few last minute items (cheapo water guns, decorations...) Then Sunday we're going to a crawfish boil at a park with friends before we bring the kiddos home.

  • Oh and I say just go ahead and buy the mattress because I'm buying a pool this summer. Darren is deadset against me getting one because "it'll ruin our yard" I don't give a flying rats ass! I will float my big pregnant butt in a pool ALL summer and he'll get over it. He'll want to get in it too I'm sure. This is our 2nd summer in our first house and I want a pool! We didn't get one last year bc we moved in in June and money was tight.
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