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  • Drama?! I though this board was drama free!

    Anyway, Fiona is Shrek. She will be made fun of. James is well...I'll just leave it at that. I teach my girls, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Not that Samantha can talk hahaha

  • fiona apple.

    but i like it and i LOVE using james as a mn for a girl, i'm actually considering it for one of my girl names (maybe carolina) it is my grandfather's first name but he goes by clif, his mn, and it was also my great-grandfather's name. i was very close to him so i want to use that name.

    to sum it up: i like fiona james a lot.

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    I think "there won't be any boy names left" is pretty far-fetched and ridonc. I don't know any female Michaels or Coles.

    lol i have actually met females named michael and cole, but those are nms. i don't get the big deal about james at all. james is also a surname and nobody can say that using surnames as middle names is new. it's an old custom as is making female names from male names. caroline, a name i love, is derived from the male name charles. who cares?
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  • I love it.  I have good associations with Fiona.  Also, I like James for a girl.  I know a lot now that I'm thinking about it... I think it's either very popular in Minnesota or it's just a coincidence that I know a lot.  They all go by Jamie.
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    Opinions, please. Possibly Fiona James.

    Edit: For a girl. I'd like to use James as a mn?b/c it's my Dad's name, he never had a son to pass down the name to, and I'd like to give it to my daughter b/c he is a?father of girls Smile

    Why did you come on here and asked for opinions when you really only want people to agree with you? ?

    Umm, I am not disagreeing with the people who said "NMS" or that they didn't like it or it makes them think of Shrek.. I am disagreeing?with?your argument?that giving my kid a male middle name means that there will be no further male name for boys.Your theory lacks logic.?

    It's a process that has been discussed a lot on this board. People are using Ryan, Elliot, Evan, Dylan etc.. for girls and now James in your situation. I'm not saying YOU alone are doing this, but you are part of this process where eventually there won't be any boy names (I'm not saying literally every boy name will be gone).?

    I am not "part of this". It is not going to be?her first name! It's a middle name. a MIDDLE name.?The first name is all-girl, very femme.

    Once again, why do you ask for opinions if you are set and really don't care what others think??

    Maybe she just doesn't agree with your opinion. That's a real possibility believe it or not. ?

  • I'm late to this - - but as someone who broke all the "rules" with middle names I like Fiona James. Fiona was actually on my list too.

    My kids names are Cecilia Ryan (oh no! It's DH's first name and I thought it sounded pretty. And my son's name is Marshall Funk (gasp, cough,'s my maiden name and my DH loved it). Women hate that his middle is Funk but every male we've talked to thinks it's the coolest.

    So whatever, middle names really aren't that important to other people - just family.

  • I love Fiona James!!  Great choice.  Fiona is so pretty and elegant, great for a girl or a woman.  I don't have any Shrek associations b/c I haven't seen the movie.  Smile  It does seem quite Irish-sounding to me, though (Fiona does) - if not for that, I'd really want to use it, but we have a very non-Irish-ethnic last name and it wouldn't fit.


  • I don't like the name Fiona at all. I can't poinpoint why either b/c I like the "sound" of similar names like Phoebe.  As for James as a middle name, well it is do-able, but I'd probably go with Jaime as a first name if I really wanted to honor my dad.  I just feel that mn's don't ever really get noticed all that much and if were very important to me I'd either save the name for a son or do a variation as a first name.  That said, many little girls have male sounding middle names as frequently the middle name can be a last name such as James, Elliot, Davis, etc.... No big deal there it just isn't my style....
  • I don't like Fiona because it reminds me too much of Shrek. I'd use Jamie rather than James as a middle name for a girl.

    And, I also know a woman named Michael.

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    I love it -- both Fiona & with the mn James.   I never think of Shrek (although I've seen the movie tons of times) or Fiona Apple -- probably because I was familiar with the name waaaay before either of those Fiona's came on the scene. 
  • I think Fiona is really cute, but it does remind me of Shrek unfortunately (otherwise it would probably be on my list too).  As for James, it's NMS and I wouldn't use it for a girl but that's just me.
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  • If you don't mind the Shrek association, I think Fiona is a pretty name for a girl and like it.

    James though for a girl - IMO that is awful, regardless of the meaning behind it.

  • Love it, love it, love it! Yes
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