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NBR: Gwinnett Google Calendar

So I think I am "google calendar illiterate"...lol...for some reason I can't view any of the events and have spet forever trying to figure it out...so I am breaking down and asking for help! lol...thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Re: NBR: Gwinnett Google Calendar

  • Do you mean the Lawrenceville/Suwanee calendar? ?If so, it's at yahoo, not Google. ?I will try to send you the link if you give me your email address.
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  • Where do you go to see the google calendar? I would like to go to a GTG sometime!
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  • There is a goggle calander that Ashley set up a month ago. Try looking on the left side and there should be an option to look at your schedule and also a "mommy group" schedule. They are two different colors. Also, make sure you have your calander layout for the entire month and not for the week. Try that and it that doesn't work, post again and maybe someone else can help.
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  • Thanks Buckhead Bride...still having the same problem though....when I click on it and tell it to "display only this calendar" it won't let me see anything....not sure what else to do

  • I am experiencing the same thing. ?Perhaps there aren't an events on the calendar. ?It's [email protected], right?
  • Ok, I just checked it out and your right there is nothing. So you are probably doing the right thing. If you want to do a gtg, you should email the calander and have it posted. I did it for this past Tuesday when I was in town and we had a nice group of people come for lunch.
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  • SO I am not the only one having problems...I guess that is good!

    I thought that there were some events already on there? I can't see anything...even from past dates...strange.....I guess I wil just post something if I can figure out a day!

    Sorry we missed you when you were in town! Hope you and Macy are doing wel!

  • Laurengator-yes, that is the right email address....hope we get to view some stuff soon! Sorry you are having problems too!
  • The last time I checked, there was some old events that had past. Nothing as of today is on my calendar.

    How are you and Aiden doing? I was thinking about all the babies that are about to turn 1. I guess he would be our first from the Gwinnett side. Is he feeling better now that he had his ear surgery and out of the colicky phase?

    I'll be in town again in a few weeks and hopefully we can do another gtg then.

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  • I tried posting something under my personal email and it worked for me.  Its a test, see if it showed up.  Also, you have to publish as a default, not private.

     There are no events on there right now. There were some in the past however.

  • Thanks A&JNelson! I do see them now...I guess I was looking for things that weren't there!!! =)

    Buckhead Bride- Yes he will be the first to reach one! So crazy that it has all happened so fast! He has done GREAT since he got the ear tubes! Thanks for asking! Not a single ear infection or fluid since Feb!!! Yay! Hopefully we can all meet up when you are back in town! It would be great to see you!

  • I went to Cracker Barrel on Tuesday and nobody was there!!! I was a few minutes late (3:45) but I guess I missed everyone! :(


  • KazbaxKazbax member

    Can you send me the link to the calendar as well?  [email protected]

     Thank you!

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