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Freaking out a little bit!!!

Just got back from my appt and I'm 2-3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I know I can be at that for while, but I was 1 cm one week ago and have been having braxton  hicks nonstop for the past 2 days. So in my mind, things are really getting moving - anyone else have this happen and then nothing more until due date? Doc says "I don't think you will go to your due date" but that is all he would say.....
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Re: Freaking out a little bit!!!

  • guess u should put your bag in the car and make sure the car seat is installed. Good Luck and it could be any day now for ya!
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  • Sounds like progress to me! 
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  • awesome! be sure your bag is packed.

    i would've killed to not have gone to my due date. <sigh>

    good luck Smile

  • Get ready mommy!! Maybe you will get the ultimate Mother's Day gift... :)
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  • Wow - great progress!  Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but at least your body is doing things in the right direction!  I'd guess though that you'll go a little early, since you are already at this stage at 37 weeks.  Yay!  You'll be a Mommy in no time at all!!!
  • Good job!  Hopefully it won't be too long.

    I never made it to 2 cm even after 48 hours of cervadil and pitocin. 

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    Get ready mommy!! Maybe you will get the ultimate Mother's Day gift... :)

     Aw that would be fun! Good luck and enjoy the last time you have!

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  • oh wow!!! Great progress!! One of my bff's has been in the hospital since Monday getting 'induced' due to pre-e.  She is now at 5 cm, you have her beat in moving much faster!
  • Sounds like it could be soon! :)  I don't think I was quite as far as you, but I was probably 1-2 cm at 37 weeks I think, and I still ended up being induced at 41 weeks.  So you never really know, but I bet you are more likely to go soon!  GL! :)
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  • At 35 weeks, I was 1 cm and 75%, at 36 weeks I was a 3 and stayed until my water broke at 38 weeks and I was 5 cm fully effaced when my water broke.  Good Luck!
  • Thanks girls for the encouragement and confidence - I really would rather hold out for at least another week or two but I guess no one is asking me! Even though I'm full term, I think being just 37 weeks is a bit early. I'll keep you posted!
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  • I think you'll go within a couple of days.  I had BH on Friday all day and was dilated that much, but more effaced (80%) and i went into labor on Monday morning at 4am.  GL!!
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  • And I  carried low like you too.
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