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Can you tell me the correct way to strip my BGs please? I was on 2 websites that told me different things. They are getting a bit leaky, and I am guessing this is what needs to be done! Thank you!
Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10

Re: Hippy or Summerly

  • SUPER hot water and dawn dish soap.  Wash w/ about a tbsp of Dawn.

    Keep washing & rinsing until all suds are gone.  This may take 3 or more wash cycles.

    Sometimes I've added about a cup of vinegar to the 1st or 2nd wash cycle.


    Good luck!  Let us know if that doesn't work.  I just bought some RLR to try and I'll let you know how that goes in a few days.

  • Thank you Hippy!
    Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10
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  • Just saw this, but Hippy's got it covered :)


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