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I work about 10 hrs a day. With commute and picking up William, I basically only get to spend 2 to 3 hrs with him daily. When do you workout? How do you find time do so? If you don't mind, can you schedule your schedule with me please. Thanks!

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  • For me I try to do active things with carter and running around and chasing him and playing games - going up and down the stairs - i work it in that way.  Serves too purposes he gerts wore out and I get exercise :)  Only way I could ever fit it in!
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  • The only way I ever have time is if I'm working from home and have a break during the day to squeeze in a run.  That's only because I mostly work from home, and usually I'm in meetings almost all day, so it doesn't happen a lot.  I never have time to go to the gym, which sucks.  I could go late at night I guess, but I'm way too tired these days to do it.  It's a challenge.
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  • ditto Jody!  In addition, I walk the basesment 4 times which is over a mile (almost everyday).  This is the only way I can get it in because when I get home it is much harder so I fit my exercise in at work.   Also my neighbor and I walk our kiddos but that can be hard because she gets home later than I do.
  • I so need this post!!  I can never find the time with all the after school activities and homework....ugh no time. 
  • I started waking up earlier and taking P to the park for a run.  We have a gym on campus so I can shower.  However, even getting up an hour early is still not enough time to go run, drop P off and get a shower by 9.  I am moving to 10 hr days next week so that is going away.  I hope I can walk the building on breaks or pop over to the gym some days.  But if not WEEKENDS will be spent at the park.
  • i used to go after Finn was in bed or early in the morning since DH did morning drop-off.  but I think your hubby travels for work a bit so that might not work, cuz the only way I was to swing it was when my DH was home.
  • The closest I get to a workout these days is putting Elizabeth in the stroller and taking her for a walk around the block or at the park!
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  • Hahahaha - time?  For something for me?  Hahahaha!

    I get up at 6 with Delilah so I can play with her for an hour, give her a bath, etc, before getting ready for work and daycare.  At lunchtime most days I go to see her (she's across the street) or I run errands like getting my drycleaning or grocery shopping.  When we get home, I have a small window of time with her before she goes to bed, and I go to bed early so I can be up at 6 again the next day.

    I thought about working out at lunchtime instead, but honestly, I don't want to give up my mid day visits to her.  I fugure at some point she may have separation anxiety where I will have to stop my midday visits.  Then perhaps I can start lunchtime workouts.  I thought about working out in the early morning, after dropping her off at daycare, but I don't want to give up our morning playtime either. 

    Being a working Mom, my time with her is limited and is therefore just so precious.  I figure for now lifting my 21 lb baby and walking with her in her stroller on the weekends is my exercise for now!

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  • I'm just working out.  But here's my schedule.

    5:30 - wake with Jackson, get him milk, put him back down, go back to bed (I really should just go ahead and get up at this time and work out...this was my plan, but I love my sleep too much)

    6:30 Wake, dress J, sent him and DH off

    7:00-8:30 do laundry, get ready, leave

    9:00-5:30 work

    6:00-6:30 pick up J, home

    6:30-7:00 cook, eat

    7-8:30 play, bathe J, books, bed

    after that I usually clean kitchen, do laundry, sort mail, etc. and watch my DVR shows (3 a week)

    bed is usually around 10 but the past few weeks more like 12 since I've been so busy.

    I'm pushed to the max for time as is, I can't imagine working 10 hour days!  It's hard. 


  • When I was a member of LA Fitness, and before i was pregnant with Ava, I would go in the morning after I dropped the Carter off at daycare and before work.  Some days I went on my lunch break.

    Post Ava:  Now I belong to a 24 hour gym that is close to my house.  I thought it would be beneficial since it's open 24 hours and I could go after everyone had been put down for the night.  It's super close, so there really is no excuse.  I did that for awhile, but I was so tired by 9pm.

    So now i try to get up early and go while everyone is still sleeping and DH takes them to daycare those mornings.  I've been really bad lately b/c I'm just so tired all the time.

    I also try to walk at lunchtime.  i keep a pair of shoes at work, so I can at least try to get 20-30 minutes in and you don't get all hot and sweaty like you would on a run.

  • I work from home, but I go during lunch, 3x's a week. On the "off" days, I get on the treadmill or do wii fit after kate is in bed or before she's up!
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  • Every evening after DH gets home we do a long with DD in her stroller around the neighborhood or go to the Silver Comet Trail.  Then sometimes I do more when she goes to bed at 8. I either walk on the treadmill or lately I have been meeting friends to walk and leaving DH at home with DD while she sleeps.

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  • This has been a constant struggle for me. But, I too work at least 10 plus hours a day outside the home including the commute and my dh travels at least 2-4 days a week.

    I am going to be a little selfish sounding here but I have a sitter pick the kids up from school 2 days a week and she stays till 8 pm. This allows me to get a run in at least twice a week. Then I run at least once on the weekends. The last 2 weeks it has been a little more difficult to keep this schedule since we have all been sick or sometimes I actually need to work later than normal so I use the extra time to work.

    It has been such a relief having the additional help after work and especially when DH is out of town. She feeds and bathes the kids, puts their jammies on so when I get home all I have to do is put the kids to sleep.

  • My strategy is to drink light beer! I don't ever have time to work out and would rather do just about anything else when I do have free time.?

    ?- Gardening, taking Ava for a walk in the neighborhood, shopping....that is about the extent of my exercise!??

  • I signed up for a bootcamp that begins at 7am.  I have to be at work at 9am so it really works out for me.  I don't get a lunch so it's either before work or never for me.  I don't get to see my daughter in the morning but her Daddy takes good care of her and I just hope her outfit matches!  Ha!
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