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Thank you so much to everyone who offered sympathy and advice in my post about Jack's tantrums and physical "tendencies"....I was so frustrated yesterday!  And the Love and Logic book is a great suggestion, I actually already own it and MUST read it again now to refresh myself.  I get so caught up in trying to get through the day that I forget to stop and think about the techniques I want to try with him...definitely one of the hard parts of already having another baby, is that my mind is half on an infant while trying to reign in my toddler!!  While I'm trying to remember when to start feeding the baby meat or puffs, Jack is pouring a the entire bowl of dog water on the floor...

Today I made sure to tell him that he could play for 2 more minutes and then we had to go inside for nap, then I warned him again at 1 minute and started helping my neighbor clean up her yard - and he helped!  Came home with NO fit, I almost cried myself I was so relieved :)  I know it won't happen everytime, but gosh just seeing *something* work is certaintly encouraging!

And Jody, no worries, he doesn't beat up anyone but us?!!  I guess b/c we are the ones telling him what to do...but anyway, he's pretty sweet as pie to everyone else :) 

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    That's great! I feel like we are entering this new era with Kate. It is sooooo draining and disheartening. Where did my sweet little girl go?
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  • Yay!  That is great news.  Some of the love and logic stuff sounds a little cheesy to me but all in all it makes sense.  Glad to hear a real world case where it worked!






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  • I'm glad it worked today! This is such a frustrating age...for them and us!

    Jody, no need to worry...he's super sweet to photograph!! Bring him a treat and you'll own him :)

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  • I didn't see your earlier post but just wanted to say don't get discouraged, I can't imagine how difficult it is with an infant and a toddler. ?It is likely just a phase and as tiring as it can sometimes be, it will definitely pass. ?Glad some of your new tactics are working!
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