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What cd's do you recommend....Kushies or Bumpkins or something else?
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  • I don't have actual usage experience with either of those, but the ones i've seen in stores don't appeal to me. We like prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers and Thirsties brand covers, along with several types of fitted diapers (which also require a cover, thirsties work fine for those too). So far the fitteds i like are Thirsties fab fitted and Kissaluvs for newborns, MotherEase Sandy's and MEOne-Size for older babies. There are also lots of WAHMs that make diapers and sell them on ETSY and Hyena Cart online.
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    baby Mae
  •  suggest sticking around these message boards awhile and learning about the "cloth diapering world." From what I've seen in stores around here, there is a HUGE difference in those compared to the diapers most of the girls have on here. And there is such a HUGE selection to choose from. Between my sons stash and my daughters, I'd seriously say we probably have 15 different brands and really, I only dislike two of them really.

    Anyway, I suggest starting a little word document and just making notes to yourself.......what people like, why they like them, what people have in their stash, best "accesories", how to strip, what to do when diaper stink, etc. This really helped me when I was starting out.

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  • My fav's are GMD prefolds with Thirsties covers. Thirsties covers work well for containing messes.
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