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talk to me about dish vs. cable

Who do you use? ?Do you like?satellite? ?

We have Comcast and it's alright, I suppose. ?But my neighbors seem to be getting a better price with a Windstream bundle which includes Dish Network. ?I went to look at Dish and DirecTV websites and I can't make heads or tails of it. ? It seems, though that they are in a good position to nickel and dime us. ?

How is your internet if you use a satellite bundle. ? We need highest speed.?

Re: talk to me about dish vs. cable

  • Is uverse available in your area? Thats what we have and we love it.  Only can have on DVR though but you can access it throughout the house. 

    As far as internet speed with hi-speed your connection will start off at the fastest rate (that you are signed up for) but always levels out to a slower speed.  I didnt go with the absolute fastest because of this.  I am in the middle and happy. 

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  • Jody, the more people I talk to about Uverse the more I think I want to switch!  I wonder if it's in our area... is there some way I can check?  Off to google it...






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  • We keep getting flyers for Uverse, but it's still not available in our neighborhood.

    We have had DISH since Jan. after having no cable or satellite for over 10 years. I love having so many channels. To save money, we got a HD only package with 2 receivers, DVR on both tvs, and some free movie channels. To get "all" the channels was another $20/month. I think we pay $50.  My only complaint is that our reception goes out in heavy rain.

  • We have directtv and have no complaints at all, and it rarely goes out in bad weather. We pay extra for sports channels (british football/rugby to be exact) and don't have our internet through them, so I can't speak to that, but I do like directtv.
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  • We also use DirectTV and love it. We have the bundle with AT&T for internet, home phone, cell phone, and satellite. We do have a problem with heavy rain ONLY with the HD DVR Receiver. The other ones in the bedrooms work fairly well in the rain with little or no loss. We use the 6Meg service with AT&T for what its worth. They are never as fast as they claim either way but we like it.They can be nickel and dimey in my opinion because each receiver has a fee and the HD receiver is more expensive, and you can have insurance on each one, but overall we still love the service.

    I also love DirectTV for the NFL Ticket! Yay! I love my football. haha. 

    HTH. : )

  • They aren't doing uverse in my area, or we'd have that. We just went with DirecTv and have had comcast forever, DTV and ATT internet is SOOOOOOO much better than Comcast....cheaper too, and we are in a triple bundle.
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  • We switched to Direct tv just a few months ago and love it so much better than cable. We've had no problems with reception or it going out in the crazy storms lately either. It's much cheaper than our cable was and they have awesome rebates you should look into if you go with them. My MIL told us about the rebates but if you go with them and have any questions just let me know. We still have our internet through since it was cheaper to do it that way.
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  • We also switched to Direct TV 2 months ago and cannot believe we did not change earlier. It has gone out maybe twice during the severe weather we have had and that was only for maybe 2 minutes. I was shocked. I love it.

    I still have comcast for my phone and cable. Looking to possibly switch that soon too.

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