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Some diaper changes make me so happy we CD.

I'm pretty sure that in a 'sposie, that last one would have been a legendary blowout, but instead it was just an impressive poo puddle in the Thirsties cover.  Poor lil thing had a tummy ache all day. (I blame the vitamins!)

Re: Some diaper changes make me so happy we CD.

  • I hope your little one feels better!!

    Yeah I never ever had a blowout using cloth diapers! The cover always manages to keep everything in!

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  • i hear ya! I think this almost every time DS poops - "oh that would have been a blowout..."
    [IMG][/IMG] <P>

    baby Mae
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  • Yeah Ive never had a blowout in cds either. Im amazed at how much the cd and cover can hold, lol.
  • We weren't fully ready with our stash  before DD arrived so the first couple of days we went with the sposies that the hospital provided.  Then I had a blowout at 4am after hours of trying to get her to feed.  It was the straw that broke our back.  That same night I prepped the last of my CD stash and stopped the sposies.  Never have had a blowout since!
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