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GRRR...irresponsible brat!

Not my kid, one of my students. 

Girlfriend missed a film and a quiz two weeks ago and wasn't concerned enough about it to talk to me, come to my after-school office hours, or email me until she checked her grades and saw that she'd earned a zero because she hadn't done her makeup work in a timely manner.

So I, being a nice person, offered her and the other two or three kids who were in the same boat the chance to make up the film and the quiz for half credit, which I don't have to do -- the makeup work policy in the handbook is clear (anything after three days is a zero).  A couple of the kids just chose to take the zero, which is their choice, but the Irresponsible Brat and another kid showed up this afternoon for the makeup session.

I was already staying late and doing something I didn't have to do, and then the little brat has the gall to argue with me that she really should have the chance to make it up for full credit.  I was seriously thisclose to ripping up her paper in front of her and telling her that I changed my mind and the zero would stand.  Honestly, somebody goes out of her way to give you a second chance when she doesn't have to do it, and you think it's a good idea to argue that she should just ignore the fact that you sloughed it off for two weeks and give you the same credit as the kids who made their work up on time?

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