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recommend your toddler CD's!

we need some new music around here! I meant to ask his daycare teachers what his favorites were from school but forgot to do that this morning.  but share your favs here!

Re: recommend your toddler CD's!

  • Umm....right now Grant is really into the Beastie Boys....apparantly DH played it in the car with him, so now he asks for rap and "the monkey song" (Funky Monkey).


    Grant Thomas 8.8.06 and Reid Alexander 8.11.08
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  • My favorite is Ralph's World.  I love all his music!!!  I also have a great compilation of kids christian base music.  Happy to make a copy for you.  Kate's 4 year old preschool teacher made it for her and I made a copy for Kate's Kindergarten teacher and it was a huge hit.  Check out Ralph's world.

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  • William loves the Little People CD.
  • Our current favorite is this one I got at Learning Express.  It's a bunch of songs with your kid's name interjected in at different places.  They actually had one for 'Colin', so of course I had to get it.  He loves it and points to himself when they say his name.  Not sure if they had a 'Finn' though.  But, they have a bunch of other toddler friendly CDs if you're in the store.b
  • I like the Barenaked Ladies Snacktime CD and the Jack Johnson Curious George CD.  Sam loves all of her Kindermusic CDs and Raffi...
  • Evie (and more importantly, I also) like Francis England, Elizabeth Mitchell, Michael Allen Harrison.

    She also likes (and I try to avoid in the car) Dan Zanes, Baby Einstein, and a collection of songs we got from the $2 music class at Southern Prep. ? She gave out 2 CD's of the music we listen to in class. ? Evie loves it. ? I can only take like 4 songs on there.?

  • I highly recommend this site - lots of music and we have most of it, we are big into music around here!

    My favorites by far are Justin Roberts, Ralph's World, Dan Zanes, Brady Rhymer, The Terrible Twos, Francis England, Laurie Berkner, Ellis Paul, TMBG, Recess Monkey and Lisa Loeb.

    If you want copies of anything, seriously, I will make them for you. We have so many and Finn loves them all and I would love to burn you some if you want them!

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  • LL seems to really like the Hap Palmer CD's - especially the Babysong one.

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  • Ridge really likes Warren Zevon and Switchfoot. 

    As far as kid CDs though, he likes Imagination Movers and a kids CD from Northpoint.  We also have a mix I made from iTunes with like Frances England, Elizabeth Mitchell, etc that he likes. 

  • I second the Bare Naked Ladies CD. If you liked them, you'll like their kid CD. It's just silly and funny.

    There is another group called Trout Fishing in America that my sister got me. It's along the same lines as BNL and cute.

    We have the Lisa Loeb one but I haven't listened to it yet.

    I hope you had a nice last day at home with Riley alone.


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