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making baby food question

I really want to make baby food for our baby. We are part of a local CSA during the summer/fall, and we always get way too much food. If I made some baby food from the in season stuff this summer, would it still be good by the time we would use it? It would be in the freezer for 6ish months from the time it's frozen, and I could put it in a deep freeze if I had to.

I'm thinking it would be the most cost effiencent to just use the veggies this summer, but I don't know how long I could freeze it for... and if I get a bunch made before the baby comes I will be less likely to guy Gerber at the store! 

Re: making baby food question

  • no, I think it's only good for  3 months.
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  • I've heard as little as one month in the freezer is it, for purees. You could can stuff and puree it later?
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  • if i froze the veggies fresh to puree/cook later would that be ok?
  • Hmmm, I am not sure. I guess you could see if there are any answers on?
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  • Ok, it says:

    ?Many authoritative guidelines will say that most fruits and veggies will keep from 8 to 12 months in the freezer. This is mostly true of foods that are frozen in their natural state. This is also assuming that the freezer remains at a constant sub-zero temperature. Storing foods in a deep freezer is best should you wish to keep frozen foods for that time frame.


    Remember that when certain books give freezer time guidelines, they rely on the typical guidelines for fruits/veggies that have NOT been cooked and turned into purees!

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  • hmmm I'll have to look into the best way to store everything... last year I intended to freeze a bunch but got lazy and gave stuff away instead. We just don't have that much room in our freezer. The only thing I actually froze was an insane number of blueberries (5 gallons!).


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