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What a few weeks

We have been soooooo busy! ? It seems every day we have something going on and we are up and running by 8am. ? ?We've been doing 3 mile walks every morning with my best friend and her 2 year old. ?Between story time, music class, a visit from my brother, it's been a crazy 2 weeks.?

On Monday we meet tobelam and kep at the zoo. ?(THANK YOU LADIES! ?We had so much fun!) ?Tuesday was another walk, and we skipped story time because Evie wanted to play at the playground for 2 hours. ?Yesterday we went to the gym with MrsL and Colin. ? Evie did such a good job going into the daycare. ? She went to the nursery workers with no issues, and I was the one almost in tears in the hallway. ? ? The class was great though. ?I REALLY REALLY want to join this gym.

Today is music class, but I think we are going to stay home in our jammies for a bit. ? Maybe later we will go do a long walk, but right now it feels good to stay in.

I've missed you all. ?I have barely been on here. ?

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  • FUN!!  That is basically how I plan to spend my days starting tomorrow!  I'm going to have to join you guys at the zoo sometime!  Finn LOVES the zoo!  But enjoy this awesome weather now before it gets sweltering hot!
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  • I am so jealous :P
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  • We are planning to go again tomorrow!
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    I feel like this has been our whole year this year. From Kate's therapy sessions to doctor's appointments to preschool to going OOT to having OOT guests ... not to mention other activities and family events ... I feel like we have been going nonstop since January. I am tired. I am looking forward to a day in the near future when we can just stay home. That will have to wait a few weeks, though.

     Michelle, It was great to see you and Lee Anne the other day. Sorry I had to leave early. Kate was really wearing me out on Monday. Of course, when we finally made it to the car, she was all sweet and smiles again. hahaha Hope to see you all again soon!

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  • awww, Karen. ?Of course she's all sweet. ? She's a sweet girl. ? ?I totally understood though how you might have wanted to get out of the zoo.?

    I kept thinking the whole time, "I am not too far off from this". ?Evie had her moments, but at this point, she's still small enough to pick up and put her where I want her.

    It was great seeing you guys. ? ? we should definitely do lunch sometime where we can sit and talk to one another. ??

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