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Caleb's Two Month Check-Up

Caleb had his 2 month visit yesterday. He is now 12lbs, 13ozs which is the 75th percentile; and 22" long which is the 10th percentile. Apparently he's going to be short & chunky! Stick out tongue He still has a hernia but the dr. says they almost always go away on their own in time.

And I never updated after the dermatologist last week, she said I'm doing everything right to heal my cracks. She gave me 2 more weeks of Diflucan to get rid of the thrush. Her suggestion was to nurse on one side and pump on the other to promote healing. I really didn't want to do that, so I've been nursing since Sunday. It's been going so much better and as long as we get a good latch I don't seem to be in pain. I figure my nips will heal eventually.... =)  Did any of you have severe cracking? How long did it take to heal?

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Re: Caleb's Two Month Check-Up

  • I'm glad Caleb had a great appointment and nursing is starting to become less painful.  I never had severe cracking so unfortunately I don't have any words of wisdom.  I hope it heals quickly!
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  • Yay for Caleb (and mom too!). 

     I had wicked bad cracks and they took 2 1/2 weeks to heal.  What really helped is that I put a hot cloth on my nips before I nursed.  It especially helped when I had scabs.  I'm glad everything is going well for you in that dept - I've been thinking of you.   

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