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Pediatrician in Raleigh/Clayton area?

Hi!   I am a lurker mostly on these boards (1st Tri kinda turned me off) but being a newbie to the Raleigh area I don't know where to turn.  This board helped me find a great OB so I figured I'd try again.

Are there any recommendations on pediatricians in the area?  I'd like to begin looking into this now before I can't move without waddling.  :P

Thank you!

Re: Pediatrician in Raleigh/Clayton area?

  • Do you live in the Clayton area?  There are several of us who do.  :)  You should join Johnstonmommies if you live in Johnston Co (  A lot of the moms there use Raleigh Pediatrics in Garner.

    I drive to Raleigh to go to White Oak Pediatrics by Rex.  We see Dr. Anderson and we love her.

    Welcome to the board and congrats on your pregnancy!

  • Jeffers Mann and Artman---the have 4 locations and  are awesome!
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  • For some reason, most of the moms on JM don't like Jeffers Mann in Clayton/Garner.  Most moms (on the JM board) who go there have switched to Raleigh Peds.  They don't like the nurses/office staff at Jeffers Mann for some reason. 

    ETA: I checked on JM, and there is an overwhelming love for Dr. Hedgepath of Raleigh Peds.

  • We use Raleigh Peds at the Durant Rd. location.  I love Dr. Parkerson but also liked Dr. Hewitt. 
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  • imageLalabee0425:
    Jeffers Mann and Artman---the have 4 locations and  are awesome!

    Yes!  Although I've only been to the Cary & Raleigh locations, but I really like them so far!!

  • ::G begins the chant::: JEFFERS, MAN...JEFFERS, MAN..

    I was in their Clayton office, and I had no problems. What I LOVED most about them is that they have a LC consultant on staff. That's HUGE if you're planning to BF. I have been to the Cary and Raleigh offices more, but I was pleased with my one Clayton experience.

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  • I love Jeffers Mann in Clayton...we've only been 1 time but had a great experience. We see Dr. Langdon but we were her former patient so I'm not sure if she is taking new patients or not. She is very very pro breastfeeding.
  • Thank you everyone!   I am currently jobless and still fighting "all day sickness" so I have been holed up at home a lot recently.  I will definetly join that group since I am dying to meet some new people here. :)
  • PS - I do live in Clayton off of Amelia Church
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