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How bad were the 2 month shots?

I am really nervous about the appointment tomorrow. I've heard you can give them a little Tylenol before, but I have no idea how much is OK?




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Re: How bad were the 2 month shots?

  • Eli didn't have any problems with any of his shots.  I think he did the worst with the 6 month ones, but they still weren't bad.  I would hold off on the Tylenol until after the shots, she may not even need it. 

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  • 2 months shots were not too bad.  Nate cried of course, but he settled down quickly.  Our doctor told us at that appt how much tylenol we could give him and we didn't need to give him any until a few hours after his appt.
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  • The 2 month shots were not bad at all. Like pp said, he cried when the shots were actually given but soon settled down. We asked the Dr. how much tylenol to give him. I can't exactly remember how much it was. Maybe half a mL? Anyways, just ask the Dr. We gave it to DS when the Dr. left the room and before the nurse came in to administer the shots. That seemed to work well. Good luck!
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  • Dr. Herriot told us yesterday you can give the smallest amount on the dropper, it was .25. I didn't give any to Caleb and he was a little fussy last night, but I think it was normal fussy. He cried when he got the shots of course, but settled down pretty quickly and then was flirting & smiling with the nurses! Smile
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