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Do you love your OB? (north county)

Hi, I'm currently looking for an OB in the north county area.  Someone you absolutely trust and love.  I have this thing with my doctors, and trust referrals more than anything ;-)   Who do you recommend?  Also, if you've already had a baby delivered by this doctor tell me your experience.  I'm very picky and nervous!  I would love someone who's thorough, answers all your questions, available, and great customer service.




Re: Do you love your OB? (north county)

  • Hi Marlo, I had my baby on 2-10-09 and loved my OB her name is Samina Makani. She is part of a small 3 female OB practice in Encinitas. She was soo wonderful, patient and willing to answer all of my questions. They have a website you can go to and check them out. The other OB's in her office are terrific as well not to mention the office staff. I have zero complaints!

  • Thanks so much! I didn't realize that people were starting to post again so I've been absent lately.  I'll check her out!
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