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He REFUSES to stay on his back

So I put ds to sleep on his back every night, but within minutes he is on his tummy. It is stressing me out to no end. We have a wedge in his crib because of his reflux, but if he isnt on his back should I leave it? A friend suggested getting the bebesafe mattress wrap, but I am pretty skeptical of it. I swear the kid plants his face down and is sound asleep. He knows how to roll back over, he just wont. UGH!!

Re: He REFUSES to stay on his back

  • I think once they start rolling on their own, there's not much you can do about it.  I would let him sleep however he wanted to, you can't force him to stay on his back.  And take the wedge out.  If he has reflux, he's probably more comfortable on his tummy.


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  • Ditto Mikey.  Once they learn to roll, it's out of your hands.  Ahhh, isn't independence great?!?!
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  • yeah. my dr. said that thers not much you can do when they rol in bed. and he should be finesince he can roll both ways.
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