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My baby is growing up! Boooo

All of the sudden Maddie has gone from 6-7 3-4 oz bottles a day to 4 6 oz bottles. She's also eating a lot more solids during mealtime. And she also went from 4-5 naps a day to 2!

I thought I would hate it when she dropped naps, but the 2 she takes are much longer and I can actually get stuff done, so it's kind of nice. And I love that she's only doing 4 bottles a day.

She did great in her big girl carseat today too. I'll miss the convenience of the infant seat, but the convertible seat definitely has it's own perks. She even fell asleep in it on the way home from errands!

I don't miss the newborn stage- not one bit. But I am a little sad at her getting closer and closer to being a toddler! I guess I'm lucky that at least she's not mobile yet :).

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This is what I get when I ask for a smile now.

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Re: My baby is growing up! Boooo

  • Go Maddie!  It took Eli forever to drop to 4 bottles and 2 naps, but when he did it was like overnight!  I hope you enjoy your new schedule and am glad she liked her new seat!

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  • yeah henry is too Sad i am NOT ready for him to no longer be a baby! Crying

    he switched from 8 million naps/nursings per day to 2 naps and 5 nursings per day literally overnight at 6 months. <sniff> how can they be getting SO OLD?!?!

    i wanna hear about the perks of the convertible seat. maybe it'll help me get my ass in gear and get one for henry!

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  • I can't believe little Maddie is closing in on 9 months old!  I still think of her as being so tiny. :)  I think the 6-8 month phase is the best -- once they get mobile, nothing is the same!!! :)
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