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Ideas needed: Gift for first time Mom-to-be

I just found out a good friend is pregnant with her first.  I'd love to get her (and her DH) something but can't think of any good ideas right now.  Any thoughts?


Re: Ideas needed: Gift for first time Mom-to-be

  • Here are some of my favorite things that I use on a regular basis as a first time pregnant woman. Some of these are somewhat personal so it depends on you relationship with her and how much you want to spend. But I'm all for practical gifts that people will use. Here are my favorite things right now:

    Baby Bargains Book - This is invaluable to first time moms. If you get it, make sure you get the 2009 edition because it just came out. (I think it has a green cover). I also just got Baby 411 which is by the same authors and is great for when you get closer to having the baby.

    Snoogle Pillow - I love sleeping with this pillow. I think they run about $50 but they are wonderful.

    Target Belly Band - I wear these all of the time over my regular pants. You can find them in the maternity section in black and white.

    Water Bottle - I carry a water bottle with me everywhere because I constantly have to drink. So, if you were doing a little gift basket, this might be a good thing to add in.

    Lotions - A couple people gave me some nice pregnancy lotions/gift baskets and those were really nice especially now that my tummy is very itchy.

    Crocks Shoes - I have an LLBean pair of their knock-off crocks and I wear them constantly at home. They are light weight but provide lots of support. They also have plenty of room in them if your feet swell. I will also be wearing these at the hospital.

    I just realized that none of these apply to DH except maybe the book but in any case, these are things I would think about giving a close friend who's a first time pregnant woman.

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  • those are all great ideas! maybe a gift card to a restaurant
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  • spa gift card!
  • Great ideas in the other posts... just wanted to second the idea of a spa gift card... to a place that does pregnancy massages.  That is quite a treat for a pg lady.

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