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Nate's 1 year photos (by Speed)

She did an amazing job!  Isn't Nate such a cute cutie?  :) 

 Edited to add: He was obsessed with sticking his tongue out that day.  :P

Re: Nate's 1 year photos (by Speed)

  • those are great- good job speed! Nate looks like he enjoyed his cake and the family shots are really sweet :)

    When are you going to be back in town speed, I really want some good pictures of me with my little girl, I never seem to get any of those!

    <p> Photo by Sweet and Sunny Images <P>

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  • Thanks!

    I don't currently have any plans to be in Ral. but I could probably do something in June.  My May is booked solid.

    PS - I'm still having nightmares about that carousel ride.  Oy! Ick!

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  • Wow - great job Speed, although it must be easy when you have such a cutie pie to photograph!!  =)
  • imageSpeedGlenn:

    PS - I'm still having nightmares about that carousel ride.  Oy! Ick!

    Yeah, that was rough.  They really should make you read a disclaimer before you get on that thing.

  • Those are really good!

  • Those are great pictures! Nate is such a cute little boy. Those big blue eyes just have to melt your heart!
  • Great pics! Nate's eyes are so pretty! Good job Speed capturing those beautiful blue eyes!
  • Those are great! ?I can't believe he will be one already. ?
  • Those are wonderful pictures!
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  • The pictures are wonderful!! I love his little outfits too :)
  • Those are so stinkin cute.  Nate is adorable, love the tongue!

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    My Sweet Girls

  • OMG, those are so cute!  Speed did an awesome job, and I can't believe how big Nate's getting!  I love the ones of all of you together too :)

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  • They turned out great! Speed did a great job. Nate is such a cutie!
  • Awesome photos!  Nate is so stinkin' cute!  And I love #6 of you and him - awwwww so sweet!  :)
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  • Nate is absolutely adorable!  Speed you did an awesome job. 
    "Christmas 2011"

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  • Those are great!  Nate is adorable and Speed does such an awesome job!
  • Nate looks so cute in all those pics!! I love the tongue!! Great Job speed!
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  • So cute! As usual, Nate is very photogenic (as are mom & dad!).. I like the one where he is licking your face. hehe...

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  • What a cutie! Love the family one.?
  • OMG I can't believe Nate is already 1yo. Time flies! What a cutie pie. Speed did a great job!
  • Love them!!!
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