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Vent: sick kids and playgroup

There are two moms in our playgroup who consistently bring their sick kids, and it is driving me crazy!  Is it wrong for me to think that if a kid has constant thick gobs of yellow snot running down their face, maybe they should stay home?!  I suggested a park outing for this morning and got this message:

"In order to make it that early, I?m going to have to wake [kid's name] up. She?s been a little sick so she?s been sleeping until 9 a.m."

I wrote back and said we may not make it after all, but I was almost tempted to suggest she stay at home. I don't want to offend people, but it just seems like common sense! 

At least she told me this time...  Now at least I can keep my kiddo home.

Sorry for the vent!

Re: Vent: sick kids and playgroup

  • Vent away. I feel the same way. If your kid is sick, you should really try not having them around other kiddos.

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  • I dont think there is anything wrong with you suggesting they stay home,  If you say it in a kind way then no hard feelings in my opinion.  I would probably skip it too if she comes anyway. 
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  • I would say something too. 

    I have two playgroups that I attend but everyone is really good about either not coming or saying "so and so" has been sick and letting the other Moms decide if they want their kids to be around them.  Most of the time I'm fine with it but I really appreciate the option.

    My SIL ALWAYS brings her sick kids around us.  We even call beforehand to make sure they are all healthy and she will lie to us.  They even brought a puking kid over around Christmas and I spent the rest of my Christmas break over the toilet.  Yeah.  Thanks. 

  • What a jerky mom!! She should be the one to keep her kid at home not you. Atleast now you know!
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  • They are violating RULE #1 of playgroup.

    Perhaps I'm just not as nice as you.   I would tell a Mom whose kid was sick "Please don't being a sick child to playgroup."

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  • I agree, not cool to bring sick kids.  As a teacher, I get annoyed when parents constantly send in their sick kids to school.  When they arrive feeling horrible and with a fever, they should not be sent at all!  I wish I could say something.
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  • Oh, it drives me nuts when people do that - I can't believe people lack basic consideration. I also hate when a mom claims their kid "isn't sick" when their child is coughing their head off and have a runny nose.
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  • The yellow snot trails are a staple at my daycare.  I sometimes wonder what the other moms are thinking.  Then, sure enough, P gets it and I miss more work.  Then I get it and have to go to work anyway and suffer.
  • :::putting on my flame-free suit::: 

    I'm going to definitely be the odd one out here, and I think it's because my child goes to daycare and is exposed to daycare germs and illnesses all the time, but if we couldn't be around other kids whenever Kate had a runny nose of a cough, we'd be sequestered at home 95% of the time.

    Unless the child is running a fever, I think it's OK to be around other kids (unless it was a newborn or baby less than 3 months old)....

     That's the rule at our daycare. Plus, you want Sam to be exposed to some things so she can start to build an immunity right, or she'll be getting all those colds when she starts kindergarten and needs to be there to learn.

    Ok, let the firing squad begin! Just my 2 cents :)

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  • P.S- I hope that didn't come across wrong, it just definitely opened my eyes that it's all about perspective... I don't even consider Kate "sick" anymore when she has a snotty nose or cough cause that's her and her classmates' constant state of being since cold/flu season started. She has a cough right now (no runny nose), but she knows how to cover her mouth when she coughs and we wash hands ALL.THE.TIME.

    Of course if she had a fever or just wasn't feeling well in general I wouldn't take her, but I would hope that other moms weren't judging me if I showed up and Kate was coughing. But it sounds like from the responses here, they are!

    Guess I need to make sure all her outside of school playmates are also daycare kids.


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  • My DD is a daycare kid.  If she is sick, I ask the doctor if she is contagious before returning her to daycare. 

    She has a little bit of a runny nose right now -- but pedi said not to keep her home.  There is a big difference between a little runny nose nad gobs of yello goop seeping down a kid's face.  And in the OP, the Mom actually said her kid was sick and was therefore sleeping late.  If your kid is sick to the point of being extra lethargic, they shouldn't be at playgroup.

    I would directly say "If your child is sick, perhaps they shouldn't come so they don't expose their illness to all the other kids." 

    It should be common sense -- but common sense isn't common. 

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  • I agree with that Jan, but I think maybe some people's definition of "sick" is different. I noticed some said a runny nose and a cough is considered sick, and I think it's just about perspective and what you are used to.

     Kate never even had a sniffle until she was about 9 months old, but since then, she's had some sort of something going on non-stop for the past 10 months! It's our new normal... I just don't even think about it anymore...

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  • I was going to stay away from this, but ditto lolo.  If we stayed home everytime DS had a runny nose we'd never go anywhere.  I will say though that we have never done a playgroup or anything like that.  We just go to daycare and church nursery.  I won't go see a newborn if he's sick at all though.  Sadly, runny nose is a constant state of being for us.

     I do agree though that it the kid is extra tired from being sick, they need the rest more than they need a playdate.

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    I agree on the runny nose thing. Kate has had a runny nose for a couple of months now, but she is not sick. My niece has severe allergies and lives with a runny nose. It's just part of life. However, if a child is clearly sick-sick and lethargic and feverish, etc., it is not cool to expose him or her to other kids.
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