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Birthday Party Registry

OK, so now I have seen it all.  Kids can register for birthday gifts.  Sorry, but WTF?

Re: Birthday Party Registry

  • That is just tacky.
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  • That is beyond tacky, but places like PBK and BRU push it and I think a lot of people out there just don't know any better.

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  • All of the merchants at The Avenues Webb Gin participate.

    I even read an article in a Parent's magazine that said some parents are including a "minimum gift value" RSVP on their invitations to the kids parties. 

  • Personally, I am leaning toward having children bring unwrapped gifts IF THEY WANT to donate to a shelter.  The point of a party is to enjoy the company of your friends and celebrate not to get tons of presents.
  • Yeah, I agree.  Too much!
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  • Tack Tack Tacky!!!  I thought you were going to ask about setting one up.  Big Smile I really like your idea of the unwrapped gifts for charity.
  • Tacky!

    and I thought it was tacky when someone said I should register for my house warming party a few years ago. I just wanted to show off my  new place, not get presents! Although I still have the plant someone gave me...

  • Wow my jaw literally dropped when reading this. I hadn't heard of it at all! Kids always get tons of presents regardless so why on earth would a registry be necessary, it's very tacky! On top of that to have a minimum gift price is just absurd!!
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
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