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Wondering what kind of portions other babies are on with solids.... GA is still taking the same amounts of formula...so I guess I need to up it a bit on the solids??

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  • Hmmm.  Well, Jax is small, so we hadn't upped anything for him in a while.  Just this week though we started him on more people food.  He isn't eating a ton yet, so he's actually eating more bottle thank goodness. 

    So far, he loves pizza and hot dogs.  hahaha.  :)



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  • You don't really need to.  Right now, and really the entire first year, she should be getting her main calories and nutrients from formula or breastmilk.  Solids at this point are really more of an exploration - trying new tastes, textures, etc.  As she gets closer to 1, you'll probably notice a drop in the amount of formula she takes.  You could try adding a new veggie/fruit/cereal to the meal(s) you do solids or add solids to another meal if you're only doing them once or twice a day. At that age, Colin got solids only once a day and we worked up from there.
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