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So Stuck!

So I am not positive that I am in fact having a boy, but we will find out in a few days. My dilemma is that I hate all boy names, and I am trying to find one that is not too American sounding ( I dont really know the best way to explain what I mean) I am Puerto Rican and my BF is Albanian and Italian and I don't want something ethnic, but I don't want something tooo "white" sounding ... Half of my family doesnt speak english so I don't know if a name Like Landon is suitable/


I sorta Like Landon, but I can't tell if thats the exact opposite ?of what I want!!! Help please...Suggestions?!?!

Re: So Stuck!

  • I like Landon a lot. Although it is very "American," I don't think it will cause a problem with pronunciation within your family. Did you try looking up baby names from yours and your boyfriend's ethnicity? That can help a lot with the process. Good luck finding out what your baby is!
  • go to or and put in your ethnicitys and see if any of those names fit you guys better.
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  • is another good site.  You could put in some names from your ethnic backgrounds and see what it spits out.  GL!
  • :points to siggy: I like Landon a lot. I second going to nymbler, because you can put in names you like and it will suggest others.
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  • Hmm. That is tough. If you're Christian, maybe you could use a name from the Bible? A lot of the biblical names are very classic names that are used by a wide variety of ethnic groups. If you're not Christian, I would try to think of names that have some type of special meaning for you.
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