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WDYT?  Our last name is very Irish and thinking of using Anthony as a MN.

Re: Cullen?

  • Automatically think Twilight.

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  • LVilaLVila member

    Automatically think Twilight.

    Yep. And I think this name is going to be fairly popular this year after the books/movie.

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  • Too much Twilight. I would not use the name this year - it'll  be super trendy. Unless you happen to like that...
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  • All Twilight aside, I like the name Cullen. That being said, Cullen Anthony sounds great together.
  • Prior to Twilight, very nice name. But, I predict that it will now be a very popular name amongst the teeny bopper crowd. :(

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  • - I love Twilight!!!

    Edward Cullen Rings a bell!

    (sorry it was too perfect!)

  • I love it!
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  • kiki4kiki4 member
    I automatically thought of the Twilight series...
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  • My 3 year old nephew is named Cullen (prior to the popularity of the Twilight books) and I don't think my brother or his GF have ever had anyone mention the Twilight connection to them.  It's just not an issue.

    I personally love the name.


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  • I think of Twilight, too. I wouldn't use it.
  • Who cares if it's reminscent of Twilight? I'm sure when the Superman movies came out (the Christopher Reeve version), Clark or Kent became popular!!!  Does anyone even think of Superman when hearing Clark or Kent?  If you like Cullen, go for it! I love the sound of Cullen Anthony. Our last name is Irish too and Cullen is on my list, FWIW.
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  • I did automatically think of Twilight, but I love the Twilight saga and I think Cullen is a great name, despite being mad popular by the books/movies.
  • cullen is cute, but it runs together with anthony. i think you need a mn that begins with a consonant.
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  • Believe it or not there are people in the world who aren't into Twilight - I would not gave a clue that name is in it. I like it, especially with an Irish last name.
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  • I like the *idea* of it, but not Cullen itself. 

    - I agree that it's definitely a "Twilight name" and anyone who has read the books will have that association, plus I think it may suddenly spike in popularity.  To many people, you would come off as a huge Twilight fan.

    - It sounds too much like the verb "to cull" (killing animals), which may or may not be why Stephenie Meyer chose it in the first place... ;)

    How about Callum?


  • yaleyale member
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  • I don't love it, because it sounds harsh to me. I also thought about 'to cull'.

    I have a friend who named her son Jasper and she has not read Twilight. Another friend named her daughter Bella last July and it also had nothing to do with the books.

    ?After all, there's a Jacob and Isabella in Twilight and those have been popular for years, so they didn't start with the books....

    That being said, Cullen is the surname is the book and people may be annoying and ask you if you like the series when you announce the name.

    Personally, I really dislike the series so I would see it as a reason to avoid a name so strongly associated with it. ?


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  • dpdwdpdw member

    Believe it or not there are people in the world who aren't into Twilight - I would not gave a clue that name is in it. I like it, especially with an Irish last name.

    Ditto.  I've never read/seen Twilight - I've only heard about it on the Nest.  I've also never met anyone with the name Cullen and I've know quite a few Irish guys.  I like it.

  • LMS05LMS05 member
    Not a fan at.all. I had no idea it was in Twilight and I still dislike it. I like Sean or Owen with Irish last names.
  • I LOVE it!  It was our boy name...I'm a huge Twilight fan, and do agree that it will probably spike in popularity, but that really didn't matter to me.  I think Cullen Anthony sounds nice too!
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  • I think it is a fine name.  A few years ago I would have said a great name.  Unfortunately it is now tied to a series of badly written books.
  • Cute name but sorry, everywhere I'm reading predicts that as a name that's going to be hugely popular because of Twilight. I would suggest a similar alternative, like:






    I'm partial to Colin, which is my son's name. :)

  • Ditto on the posts about instantly thinking of Twilight.

    Some people will assume you named your child after the main character, Edward Cullen. The books are about the Cullen family of vampires. I just read about teen moms are using the names Cullen, Edward, Bella, and Jasper because of those books.

    People who haven't read the books don't realize just how popular they are. That series has sold over 42 million copies in 37 languages. It is HUGE, and not just in the US.

    I still think of it as a surname, so I like Collin/Colin better.

  • I like Cullen
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