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Crap- he's got a fever

Gavin woke up from his nap with a fever.  It's 102.1 right now.  He NEVER runs fevers- not w/ an ear infection, bronchitis, throat infection, nothing.  Seriously- the highest he's ever had before was 101 and that was after shots and only lasted a couple hours.  I also never get a fever unless I have strep or flu so I'm thinking he's got one of these.  The Dr couldn't get us in today b/c everyone is panicked about swine flu so they are overrun.  So we have an appointment at 9:20 tomorrow.  I am just at a total loss b/c he has no symptoms- he's been happy and playful all week.  Just finished his breathing treatments 2 days ago and no more cough or wheezing.  He just clearly doesn't feel good and has a fever.  I'm not worried about swine flu- we haven't been anywhere to be exposed and honestly I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion anyway.  I just want to be sure that we start treating it fast b/c if he's anything like me, I always go downhill fast and can get dehydrated in an hour.  He's being stubborn and won't drink... I'm hoping he'll take a popsicle for me.  Please send us some happy get well thoughts!






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  • Oh no!  I hope Gavin feels better soon.
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  • Maybe you have these already but pedialyte makes freezer pops and the publix pharmacy by my house always has them frozen and ready to go. Maybe try that? I hope he feels better ASAP.
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  • Aw, I hope he feels better. Caroline has a double ear infection right now so we have been dealing with really high temps. The only thing I can get her to drink when she does not feel good is purple Gatorade. She loves it! I hope it is nothing too serious.
  • We're right there with you. We rocked out at 103.4 this afternoon. Called the pedi, gave her some Motrin and a cool bath and we're down to 100.4. Thank God!!

    If it hadn't gone down, I'd be sitting at Egleston right now. G got her MMR, Hep B and Pneumococcal vaccines yesterday. The pedi's a little concerned about a reaction, but G's also coughing, so it COULD be just some ick. We go in for a visit tomorrow a.m.

    I'm trying trying trying not to think of the swine flu. Pedi said no cases in GA yet...

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  • I hope he feels better soon.
  • Oh goodness, i hope he feels better. Keep us posted.

     PS, love the new siggy picture

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  • I hope he feels better soon!
  • Ava had this last week.  Ran a very high fever for 3 days, nad finally broke into a rash.

    No other symptoms.  Dr. said it was a mystery virus.

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