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I was checking out your beautiful photo blog. You are so talented!

Can I ask an odd question? The adorable little boy named Darren in your photo blog, is his mom a nestie? I desperately need to find out what she uses on his curls that make them look so adoarble. Sean has similar curls (although we did trim them down some recently) but they're starting to look "fuzzy" and not curly and defined like Darren's. I's odd to ask about baby hair product...but he's so cute!

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  • :::butting in:::

    I think Kate has curls like Sean's!

    And to keep them in check and tamed, I squirt them with children's leave in conditioner and let them air dry. Then they form cute little ringlets that aren't frizzy. It's a huge mess when I don't. The key is to let them air dry and not mess with them until they are dry (speaking from experience here too since i have curly hair also - haha!)

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  • Hi!  I dont believe she was.  Sorry! :(  Thanks for the compliments though.  I think Lori's idea sounds like what I would do.  Good luck.  Sean is absolutely adorable!!
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