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Need a girl's name

So I'm about 10 weeks preggers and I won't be able to find out if it's a boy or girl for like another 8-10 weeks. We already have a boy's name (Harley) so I just need a girls name. We have a little girl named Ayla Janel. What would be a good girls name to go with that? I LOVE the name Lena but I think that's too close.  AHhhh I'm so stuck.

Re: Need a girl's name

  • Relax. You really have another 30 weeks or so to come up with something.

    And Lena is a pretty name. ?


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  • what about leny/ leni?
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  • Dont' you think it's too close? Ayla, Lena?  It would be pronounced Lay-na.

    I think they're too close.

    Yeah I know I have 30 more weeks. I had Ayla's name picked out years before she was even conceived. I like to know way in advance so I can be prepared and also, I don't want to constantly be talking to my baby, calling it "little girl" or whatever. I want to call it by name. It's much more bonding that way.

  • i know a lena but it's pronounced lee-na not lay-na
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    i know a lena but it's pronounced lee-na not lay-na

    Me too. ?

  • If you like Harley for a boy, why not Harlow if it's a girl?
  • I would say Lena as "Lee-na" if you want it said "Lay-na" spell it like that.

    I do not think Lena is too close to Ayla but Layna is.

    I agree with PP suggestion about Harlow for a girl (it's NMS at all but if you like Harley for a boy...)

  • ::cringes at the use of the word "preggers"::

    I think Lena and Ayla sound fine together. 

    Other suggestions: Ava, Kiya, Avery, Fae, Oona, Kya, Grace, Mira, Jena.

  • how about Vera or Kira?
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