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Middle names for Makayla

Makayla (this is how we want it spelled, not Michaela).

Excluding middle names Rose, Leigh, Rae, Gina, and no middles with the beginning letter of J.

Re: Middle names for Makayla

  • My best friend when I was little was Makayla Lynn.  I also know a Mikayla Brook, which I think is cute.

  • For some reason, I instantly thought of Makayla Jean, but you're exluding J names.

    You could try Grace, Nicole, Elle, and Renee. GL!

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  • imageNakale:

    My best friend when I was little was Makayla Lynn.  I also know a Mikayla Brook, which I think is cute.


    I like Lynn.

  • sorry, i really hate makayla (any spelling) but i suppose you could go with something more traditional as the mn, like maybe your maiden name or another surname in your family.
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  • I know you don't want J names. My daughters name is Ayla Janel. I guess you could spell it Ginelle? hahaha or something like that. 

    Also, for some reason, I always call her Ayla Bell. It just seems to roll off the tongue. I don't know. 

  • My cousin named her first daughter MyKaela Pauline.  Pauline is our grandmother's name.  I don't know if I really like that combo, but it had significance to my cousin.
  • LMS05LMS05 member

    I adore Makayla (and that spelling)!

    Makayla Catherine

    Makayla Rachel

    Makayla Hailey

    Makayla Chloe

    Makayla Anne

    Makayla Helen

    Makayla Elizabeth?

  • imagetct1219:
    sorry, i really hate makayla (any spelling)


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  • imagehigh_hopes:

    sorry, i really hate makayla (any spelling)


    Same...  Is there any talking you out of it?  I feel it's so overused and I particularly dislike that spelling.  Although the PP's spelling of MyKaela is even worse.

  • As much as I was caught saying I didnt like names in the top 100, in 2007 (not sure about other years) Makayla was 48 i think? Yet I have never met a Makayla in my life, and neither has my husband. Ivy is my name and Ive met 10-15 Ivy's in my lifetime and im only 23!

     As far as talking me out of it... I cannot even talk myself out of it! Its sticking to me like glue.

  • I hate the name Makayla, but here are some suggestions: Ashley, Hayley, Keira, Lexy, Zelda, Sidney, Courtney, Chloe, Abigail, Ammalee, Paige.
  • Makayla Claire

    Makayla Lauren

    Makayla Brooke

    Makayla Nicole 

    Makayla Alexandra

    Makayla Alessandra

    Makayla Elizabeth

    Makayla Danielle 

    Makayla Alice 

    Makayla Grace

    Makayla Violet 

    Makayla Anne 

  • It seems Makayla is a very I love it or I hate it kind of name. Thats the vibe I'm getting.

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I seem to like Makayla Nichole, I guess in my opinion it seems that one or two syllable middle names go the best with a three syllable first name.

  • My daughters name is Makayla Evelyn  Rose

    Other I thought about were

    Ann , Marie , Audry , Cora and Rae

    HTH :-)

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