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A good double stroller??

We're expecting a baby is September, and have a little girl who will be 19 months by that point.?Can anyone suggest a good double stroller that won't send us into bankruptcy??I've looked at the Phil and Teds, but they don't ship to the US, and Maclaren doesn't make a double stroller that holds an infant and a toddler. If there is anything besides the sit and stand ones I'd love some recommendations. We currently have the Chicco travel system, but they don't make one for an infant and a toddler either. Help!!?

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  • I don't have it, but I like the sit and stand XL because it can be a double stroller or a sit and stand. My son still sleeps in the stroller sometimes so I like the idea of having options.
  • Well, Phil & Ted's you can find here, the just don't ship to the US from their website. ?You can find it 100 other places though. ?Chicco is actually coming out with a double stroller that fits 1 infant seat this summer, August I believe.
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  • We just picked up a Graco Duoglider. We have a snugride and wanted DS to have a nice place to sit. There is a huge consignment sale next weekend in Denver called Just Between Friends. You might want to check out their selection!
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  • If that is true, I won't be able to THANK YOU enough for that info. In that case, I'll wait until August to find out about the Chicco double stroller.?
  • That's how far apart my two are. We have the bumbleride indy twin. It was pretty pricey, but SO SO SO worth it.  It will fit all infant carriers.  Check out Letsgostrolling.com they have tons of good info on their sites!
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  • Oh great! That's the exact one we're looking at now. i'm trying to find one on Craigslist that's gently used. It's so nice to know that it really is worth it. We live in Highlands Ranch, and I figure it will be great on the trails, at the park, and even at the mall. This way we only need one stroller instead of three like we have now. And that's just for one little girl!! Please let me know ([email protected]) if you know of anyone who would like to sell theirs. Or if you decide to! Thank you!
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