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Thanks for your reply about the Periactin.  I'm going to talk with the GI nurse practitioner about the dosage specifics.  We were only told to give an AM and PM dose with no specific timing.  My DD was also very sleepy at the beginning but it seems that has changed as well.  She's been using Nasonex for sleep apnea so I don't know if that could be causing a problem too. 

If you don't mind me asking, what formula are you using?  We've been using Boost Essential (Resource Just for kids) 1.5. 

Thanks again. 

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  • I've heard the Boost was good.  One of our nutritionist/feeding specialists that we see was trying to get us some, but she never followed up and because we only see her once every four months or so I haven't pushed.

    DD is on Neocate Jr (for kiddos over 1), which we mix to only 30 cal/oz right now.  Before her eating increased, however, we were adding 50 calories of Duocal to her bottle (totalling about 40calorie/oz for four oz bottle).  I know Neocate is an elemental formula, so essentially everything that's in it is absorbed into DD's body.  We've seen a difference between using Neocate and other formulas and she gains better with Neocate.  I also believe it's by prescription only so your insurance might cover it with a minimal copay.

    DD is currently 21 months old and weighs about 21 pounds, which we're ecstatic about.  She has a skin condition, which also affects her insides, so eating is realy tough for her.  Plus, her body is working so hard to heal that her calorie needs are about equal to cardiac patients.  I wish you luck.  It's NEVER easy to deal with "failure to thrive" situations...ugh!

    If you don't mind me asking, are feeding issues the only problem with your daughter? 

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