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i am LIVID!

Ok, so Hunter is almost 14 months old and has yet to have a haircut. I wanted to get it done a few weeks ago and wanted to go with my DH to pigtails and crewcuts and do the whole first haircut package and have a family day with our son for his first haircut. It has been hard trying to organize and plan it as my DH works a lot on Saturdays and his schedule is always unpredictable. Well, I noticed today that Hunter's bangs looked different, but I was not positive and then I brushed them forward and rather than being in his eyes, they were clearly cut a little shorter and they were not even. I asked my DH and he said he did not do it so of course, the next thought was my MIL, so he calls her and of course, she said she cut his bangs yesterday and asked if I was mad and of course, even with me telling him to not worry about it or to even call her because I knew it was her, he told he that I was a little mad...even though I am beyond pissed. I take care of my son, there is a reason why his hair has yet to be cut, but she decides on her own to butcher his bangs without even asking or mentioning it to me. I am pissed but at the same time, she watched him for me today while I did some work and was gone for about 3 hours and I am sooooo very grateful for all the help she has given me since he was born but who the EFF would do that....I am just so pissed
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Re: i am LIVID!

  • Grandmas do crazy stuff.  My mom's mother took me to get my ears pierced when I was 6 without asking permission.  And oh, yeah, she figured she would get my 4yo sister's done too since we were there already.  I don't think after all these years and all the crapola that has gone down in my family that I have ever seen my mother so angry (at my grandmother, not me).  I am pretty sure that I can't even bring up the subject to this day.
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  • Ya I would be totally pissed off too!  But I also understand that she was helping you out by watching him so it's tough to say something when she was helping you. 
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  • The last time we had issues with my MIL about something like this she told me "You aren't going to be there for all her firsts, you just have to get over it".....Um, yeah, but there are some that I know I can be there for, so let me have those please!!

    I'm really sorry. I would be very upset too. Yes, it's nice that she watched him...doesn't mean it's not hurtful that she took that moment from you.


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  • That sucks!  I would totally be upset too. 
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  • Wow as you should be livid. It is total understandable. It is very possible to be grateful to your mil for babysitting and helping with ds as well as setting boundaries. Today its the bangs what will tomorrow bring?!?!!?
  • Oh I am sorry that sucks! I would be F.U.R.I.O.U.S!!! Just b/c she helped you out does not give her the right to take moments like that upon herself! She should have asked at least so that you could have explained that you had plans to cut his hair.
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  • kepkep member

    She probably did not realize you were waiting to cut his hair at a special place on a special family outing. Try to go easy on her. If she did it out of spite and to be mean, that's one thing ...

    You can still take him to the haircut place and make a big deal out of it. 

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  • Oh she knew I wanted to take him to pigtails and crewcuts, I have been talking about it and wanting to put him in a cute car or fire truck for his first haircut, and she knew that it was hard to schedule it with my DH's work and all...i have no idea why she did it, i am not as mad as I was yesterday, but I am still really pissed, you dont just cut someones kids hair and not even tell them. and his bangs look awful, but at least she did not cut his baby curls, if she did, i would have been beyond livid!
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