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finally.....a response

So I just got this sappy email form him, saying that I was 100% correct in everything that I wrote to him.  About how he's been a crappy father, he'll try to be better, blah, blah, blah.  Should have gotten me included in business matter earlier.  yada, yada, yada.

I've gotten this response from him before.  Many times in fact.  The man needs to draw a line in the sand and seperate family from business.  I never mentioned his lack of parenting skills.  This is purely professional and he needs to learn to seperate the two.  Any time there is office drama between us, he always pulls the "I've been a terrible father card".  Give me a break.

He said that he'll be in this afternoon and wants to officially set up a board of directors that I will be a part of.  While I do applaude his response somewhat, b/c i think he realized that I was going to quit, I think this is a way of temporarely appeasing me until I cool down enough and forget about it.  Then it's back to business again, where nothing changes.  

It's not over ladies.  He doesn't get to try to talk his way out of this one.  He's still going to hear all of my concerns.  If he wants my continued employment here, he's going to lay down a path for me to follow.  The instant he strays from it, I'm gone. 

The wording in the email was so foreign to me that i almost think he had someone help him with it.  Too many "i love you's" and "great job for all of your hard work" kind of crap.  My dad doesn't talk like that.

I'm going to listen to the theme song to "Rocky" now.

Re: finally.....a response

  • Glad to see some progress. LOL at the Rocky theme song!

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  • Well that's pretty immature of him to handle it that way and bring his role as a father into things. Just make him listen to all of your concerns and don't stop until he does. GL!

    LOL @ the rocky theme song, I'll add 'eye of the tiger' to your play list too.

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  • To me, playing the "bad father" card is just another form of manipulation.  You are so right- stick to your guns and demand that he lay out a path for your career or hit the road.  You may be suprised at how much your relationship improves when you take business out of it.  I hope that's the case, anyway!






  • Kerrin you situation sounds just like DH and his mother. He works for the family business and his mother is terrible boss. She has NO idea how to seperate business from family. It has put a strain on their relationship. I don't even want the baby to be around his mom. Kind of sad. It has been torture the past year. I am so ready for it all to be over. I really hope things work out for you and your dad!
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