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Who else is TTC #1?

Just wondering who are the 15.2% that responded to the poll yesterday.........No, but hoping to be eventually?

Re: Who else is TTC #1?

  • Me, me, me!  Or should I say "us".  DH and I are "really" going to "try" this month, since work travel and life in general has gotten in the way the past few months.  I'm hoping that the luck of Vegas next week will bring us a Baby D.

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  • I'm a lurker, but me! We are in the beginning stages of our first IVF after many natural cycles, one clomid cycle and three medicated IUI cycles.  I recognize you from this board and the TTTC board Bradbride and am cheering you on even though we don't "know" each other - Good luck to you!!
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  • I responded to the poll... we aren't currently trying, but plan to start trying later this year sometime. So, not pregnant, but hope to eventually be :-)
  • We are going to try in the beginning of June.
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  • Me!!  DH and I are at the end of cycle 10.  However, I feel AF coming so I'm sure cycle 11 will start very soon.  I have my first "trouble" TTC appointment with my OBGYN on Wednesday to discuss what to do from here since we're quickly approaching the year mark.  I never knew this would be so hard!!  Good luck everyone!
  • I wish all of you luck in TTC.  I hope you all get to be mommies very soon.  I am giving the Drs you all deal with lots of baby dust to sprinkle over you!!!!
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