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no sign of my father

He never responded yesterday when I said that I wouldn't meet him for lunch, and that I would only meet with him at the office.

So frustrating.  Man up and come to the office to face your daughter!


Re: no sign of my father

  • Wow, I'm sorry you are having to go through this.  I hope he shows up soon, and with some sort of an explanation.
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  • Now I'm mad for you. Really mad. And going to corner him somewhere only plays into his game! I'm getting the impression he's scared and is running.
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  • I just want to say good for you for standing your ground.  He will have to come around eventually.  I totally understand your frustration.  Our agency has 70 people but about 15 are related in some capacity.  For example... My father and his brother are principals.  I work with 4 cousins and my grandfather.  There are several other families here with at least 2-3 members on board.  Everyone things working for family is the easy route.  I say NO WAY!!!!  I hope you get things resolved.  I am sending strength and patience your way.
  • I hope he's scared.  he's thisclose to losing one of his best employees. 
  • Just hold your ground.   Its sad that he doesn't want to face you.
  • Good luck Kerrin. Hopefully he'll come in and you can just get it over with...I'm sure the anticipation isn't helping any.
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  • WOW I can't believe he hasn't shown up, but sounds like he might see his faults.  And you are so strong for holding your ground - shows what a tough person you are and like you said what a good employee he may lose!
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