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Having twins in Alexandria

We just found out we are having twins.  I think I need a high risk doctor because of my miscarriage history. Can you recommend a high risk OB or at least an OB with lots of experience delivery twins. Thanks!

Re: Having twins in Alexandria

  • I can't help directly w/a recommendation b/c my twins were born in Seattle, but I will tell you that you want to be seen by a perinatologist. ?ABSOLUTELY a perinatologist. ?I owe my babies' lives to the experience & expert care of my peri. ?You will just not get the same level of care from a regular Ob. ?Also, definitely check out the multiples board...the ladies there are a ?great source of support & info. ?Congratulations on your pg! ?
  • If you haven't already, post this on the DC area babies board: 


    It's much more active, and there are a ton of people that live in Alexandria on it.  You might be able to get more responses.

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  • I can't help with the twins but i have diabetes and my peri was out of Alexandria hospital and he was awesome...dr ghidinni(sp)...I had ds at Alex and it was a great experience...
  • I have a 1 in 4 chance of having twins (so my dr. says) and have been worried about this since I got pregnant with my 3 year old son. First U/S isnt until May 15th, but would also like some insight on what the differences are between one and multiple births as far as prenatal care.

    I myself was a twin at birth, and the horror story of what my mom went through scares me to death.

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