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Those of you in the beach areas

Have you been to the aquarium?  Is it worthwhile? 

DD loves fish, but it's quite a trek for us... is it big?  How long could you spend there?

Re: Those of you in the beach areas

  • I grew up in VB and LOVED going to the aquarium when I was younger.  They have expanded it a lot and have 2 separate areas - one which is the fish and all that and the other is more about the local environment.  There is a trail from one area to the other and there are a lot of exhibits on the trail.  Sometimes there are even people on the trail to do live exhibits and answer questions.  

    With a LO  I would say you could spend a few hours there.  There's also an IMAX in there that usually has kid-friendly movies playing.

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  • I haven't been there since my hs bio. field trip but I did enjoy it. We spent about 2 hours ther. HTH!
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  • awesome!  We went to the Myrtle Beach aquarium when DD was 4 months old, and I have never seen her so enthralled by something before or since.

    Now that she has an idea of what's going on around her, I bet she'd love it.

    Thanks for the info!

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