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Help - naps and daycare

I'm hoping you guys can help me.  Ever since my LO started solids, his naps have been going downhill.  He is in daycare, and has been since 10 weeks old.  We have always been on the eat, play, sleep routine and he has never had issues sleeping.  For almost the past 3 weeks, he takes MAYBE two 30 minute naps, but most of the time it's just one 30 minute nap, if that.  When he's with me on the weekends, I do get him to take a total of maybe 3 hours of naps throughout the day, although it is difficult.  So far, there are no problems with sleeping at night.

He may be teething, but no teeth have come through yet.  We are thinking about switching daycares to a center that has a lower than required ratio or looking into a nanny share.  We love his teachers, but naps are very important and maybe he just needs someone who can spend a little more time helping him get to sleep. 

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  As far as daycares or nanny sharing, we would be looking in the Brookhaven/Chamblee/Dunwoody area.  TIA!

Re: Help - naps and daycare

  • Gavin has gone through several of these phases.  It usually corresponds with some sort of developmental stage, teething, or illness.  It lasts a few weeks and then he goes back to his standard 2 naps a day schedule.  He is actually in the middle of one of these phases right now- he's sleeping great at daycare but he usually naps in the car on the ride home and he hasn't taken one all week.  It's making our evenings really difficult... but I'm sure it will pass.  Or maybe not- he might be ready to go to 1 nap a day.  I really just try to go with his phases and stages and adjust myself rather than trying to force him back into his old schedule.  That never works.  Switching daycares would probably make it worse, IMO.






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  • I agree.  It's probably not your daycare choice.  He's probably just to "excited" to sleep.  He's got things to do!  Learning , exploring, etc. He's very stimulated in that environment and wants to do it all.

    My kids nap at daycare for about 1-2 hours, but then make up for it on the weekends with 3-4 hours naps on occassion.  Some days they barely nap at all, others they will nap for hours.  He will get it all sorted out.

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  • If ANYBODY can figure out how to get babies to nap properly at daycare, PLEASE let me know.  P won't nap either.  She rarely naps good for MIL when she is home with her, which is better now that we got the crib set up finally for her.  But the best naps are for me on weekends.  Just another notch in my guilt belt that P is in daycare.
  • Thanks for the responses.  I hope he does get it sorted out.  I hate to see how tired he is at the end of the day.
  • DD has been in daycare for over 3 months and she still can't nap there like she does at home. Maybe that is unrealistic to expect. She is in a center, so there is always light and noise. I have tried keeping her blinds open when she naps at home so she is used to the light, but I can't recreate the noises of a daycare. We tried not to create a completely silent environment at home so she wouldn't have this issue, but normal household noises are easy to tune out as opposed to crashing toys, kids screaming, etc. etc. One issue at our daycare is that they mix the age groups some esp. the second half of the day and it is much more active and noisy in her room. I tried bringing in toys that play music to try and drown it out, but nothing helps. At home she always takes two naps like clockwork. The morning one is always a min of 2 hours and the afternoon nap is always a min of 1 hour. Normally the two naps total about 4 hours at home. At daycare, I'm lucky to get 1-1.5 hours. I think she will do better when she moves up a room and they all take one long nap at the same time. I've contemplated changing daycares, but short of finding a place that has a separate area for napping I don't think it will matter. I like the daycare overall and she does too.
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