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what can I expect with a D&C???

So I've been having some pains in my lower abdomen for like the last four weeks, at first thought it was cysts but it persisted and changed so I finally went in and got it checked out today and they determined that there is still either some placenta or membranes remaining in my uterus so now I have to have a D&C.  How crazy is that?  I have the option of taking some pills that will make my uterus contract to hopefully expel the tissue but they recommend the D&C so I'm going ahead with that.  They mentioned I would  have some cramping and possibly a light period.  Just curious for any that have gone through it what I can expect?  If I should have DH stay at home with me and the boys for a day or two after or if I'll be ok by the next day?

Re: what can I expect with a D&C???

  • im sorry Heather! I would go with the D&C as I heard the pills causing the contractions were NOT the way to go. I think you should be good for 1 day with DH staying home. Keep us updated. When are you having it done?
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  • I'm sorry.  I had 2 D&C the first one still left a little tissue (this never happens).  You will go to the hospital and they will put you basically to sleep to do the procedure.  You are only under for a short period of time so it doesn't make you feel too bad.  Honestly, I think you will be fine by the next day.  I cramped some the first day, but nothing too bad after that.  It actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.
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  • I had a d&c for my m/c last year. The surgery was easy. I was in and out of Northside in 3 1/2 hours. I really didn't want to do anything for the first few days some of that was b/c it was m/c. I did cramp off and on for a week. The bleeding just depends on your body. Some girls only bleed a day or two while others bleed longer. Oh and I wasn't allowed to have sex, take a bath or use a tampon for 2 weeks after surgery to prevent infection.

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  • I'm sorry you are having to go through this! I retained the placenta and had to have a (emergency) surgical d&c one month after LL was born. DH left the next morning - I was pretty worn out but I was sedated for the procedure and I had some blood loss from hemorrhaging.

    They first tried to do one in the er with local anesthesia but it wasn't successful so they had to take me to the OR and put me under heavy sedation. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it wasn't horrible.

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  • Sorry you're having to deal with this Heather!
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  • I hope it all goes well and you are back chasing your boys in no time.
  • My mom had to have one last year for a fibroid tumor right after her breast cancer surgery.  She said that her nerves were worse than anything b/c she was so afraid they would find more cancer.  I came over that afternoon to help take care of her but there was nothing for me to do.  She was feeling fine- a little doped up from the drugs though.  She was playing on the computer and joking and even baking that night!  She was out shopping the next morning.  I do think your DH needs to stay home with you for a day or 2 to help with the kids though.  I don't think she was allowed to lift anything for a little while.






  • I went back to work the day after my D&C.  I was uncomfortable, but it was really like having menstrual cramps. 

    The pills -- suck.  My guess is they are talking methotrexate and I would SO go for the D&C over that hell.

    Good luck.

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  • Well this just sucks. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this.
  • Sorry you have to go through this..
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  • So sorry you are having to deal with this Heather!  Hope the procedure is quick with an easy recovery.

  • I am sorry Heather I am hoping for a speedy recovery.
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