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We are looking into getting DS a swing set as a big brother gift.  Serves the dual purpose of providing entertainment for him while I'm busy with baby.  We are looking at the wooden structures that also have a tower and slide, etc.  Any advice on where to look?  Any advice on what features to be sure to include or those that really don't matter?


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  • my coworker got a wooden one at Walmart for ~$400.  Said it came as a complete set and had all the bells and whistles.  Tower, slide, canopy, swing, climbing wall, sand box, monkey bars, etc. He said that he saw comparable sets at Home Depot and Lowes, where you basically "build" your swingset based on the different components.  he said it was more expensive to do it that way.

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  • I saw some posted at the new Toys R Us catalog.
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  • We saw the coolest wooden swing set at Costco last weekend.  It was so neat I was ready to jump on!  It had swings, I think 2 slides, big tower and lots of little details like tic-tac-toe, a telescope, steering wheel like on a ship...  I think it was $1200 though.  Maybe they have cheaper ones if you don't want one that big and expensive.  This one was huge.
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  • There is also a place on Cobb pkwy in Marietta called Play Nation and then another next Harry's in Marietta I cannot remember the name of that one though.
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