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Hi! Looking for OB and hospital feedback/recommendation

Hi! First let me introduce myself. My husband and I just found out we are 7 weeks pregnant with our 1st (very exciting!). After the initial surprise and daydreaming I've jumped into the "real work" of reading all those baby books (I haven't been told 'no, no, no' so much since I was a toddler ;) and trying to find a doctor. I have CIGNA health care and live in the La Jolla area. I was thinking Scripps La Jolla? Has anyone heard of Dale Mitchell, OBGYN? He was the first recommended with my particular health care, but I know nothing about him.

I could also choose to go to UCSD Hilcrest for the delivery, which would link with a different doctor...

I was hoping someone may have recommendations or info on Scripps La Jolla, UCSD Hilcrest or Dr. Mitchell.

 Any info will be much appreciated. Thanks so much ladies :)

Re: Hi! Looking for OB and hospital feedback/recommendation

  • I ended up transfering from Tri-City Hosptial to UCSD in La Jolla (Deliver in Hillcrest) in my 15th week.  I met with the nurse Betty, who was so knowledgable and provided with endless informaiton that I never received from my first OB.  After spending an hour with her, she recommended Gladys "Sandy" Ramos, M.D.  I meet with her May 28th. 
  • I will be delivering at Scripps in La Jolla.  Dr. Guru at IGO (on Genessee and Executive) is awesome!  She's been my gyno for the last couple of years and is very sweet. Good luck!

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  • Thanks for the info! I have my first meeting with an OBGYN in the Scripps Clinic group (delivery at Scripps La Jolla) hopefully all goes well, if not I'll definitely check on the names provided!
  • My OB was Christine Miller with UCSD. She's at the Perlman Center next to UCSD Thornton. I really liked her (and everyone at her practice). I delivered at UCSD Hillcrest and really liked it.


  • I am using UCSD: Perlman for appointments & will deliver in Hillcrest.  I can't recommend an OB but UCSD has an AMAZING Midwife program.  That's what I am doing & so far I LOVE it.  Along with all the books you get to read, watch The Business of Being Born (it's available through NetFlicks).  It's VERY educational about the whole hospital system.  It made me change my mind.  Good luck with everything!  :o)

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  • Oh!  One more awesome thing about UCSD Perlman!  They have late appointments available!  I do all my appointments after work so I don't have to use any sick time up before my maternity leave.
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  • If you are going to UCSD and are having a low risk pregnancy the midwives there are the way to go! You get awesome care with them and if you want to try for a natural delivery the birth center at UCSD is great. It has big rooms with queen sizes beds and everything! I'm a birth doula and the moms I've worked with there LOVE it. Even if you're not interested in having a birth in the birth center, the midwives can give you all your care.


  • Congrats! If you have not already found a doctor, I am very happy with mine--Kimberly Washkowiak (or Elizabeth Silverman) at North County OBGYN in LaJolla/UTC. They are part of Scripps and are excellent. I had surgery there and was very impressed after having surgery a few years ago at Scripps Mercy. BIG difference, all for the better.
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  • I am also delivering at UCSD Hillcrest with the midwives in the Birth Center! I highly recommend the midwife staff, if you have a healthy low-risk pregnancy. As someone else said, even if you don't plan to deliver naturally in the Birth Center, the midwives will administer your care through Labor & Delivery. There's a great Meet the Midwives event where you can go and hear more about everything.

    I'm seeing Rita Wagner and I love her. But, the other midwives are really great too. Smile

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