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It was SO nice meeting you both on Saturday at Maymont.  It's nice to meet up with moms who have kids the same age as Jack.  We need to make a habit out of getting together.

Mrstlc - Do you mind sharing your feeding schedule with me?  I know you said that depending on what time of day it is you space them out longer.  I've been giving Jack solids and sticking with the same time intervals all day.  I'm wondering if I don't need to space out some of my bf.  Balancing solids and bf has been one of the most difficult challenges yet!

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Re: Ruffles&Mrstlc

  • I agree! It would be fun next time if we go somewhere the kiddies can get out and explore...  :)
  • Sophie and I had so much fun!  She was totally enamored with your boys Smile


    7:30 am - BF

    9 am  - breakfast (cereal with fruit -which she's finally, finally finally eating - and puffs or little bits of what I'm eating - usually waffles, sometimes eggs)

    10am - BF

    1 pm - lunch (whatever I'm having)

    2:30/3 pm - BF

    5:30 pm - dinner (cereal plus fruit or veg)

    7pm - BF

    When DH and I have dinner, Sophie sits in the high chair and will have a little bit of whatever we're having.

    Lately she's been waking up around 3:30am wanting to nurse again... I hope this doesn't last long - she had been STTN.

    Yeah, balancing solids/bf'ing has been a real challenge.  Sophie refused solids for the loooooongest time - so I ended up stretching out the bf'ing times to try and encourage more solids eating.  I think it really just kind of came in its own time - I'm not convinced that anything I did really made the difference, kwim? Smile

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  • Thanks for the input!  I feel like I'll probably figure this whole thing out about the time that he starts eating 3 meals a day and can drink regular milk. 
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