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Since this is the Babies board,

I guess all the baby talk needs to come over here. We wouldnt want to infiltrate the Nest board with all of our talk about our unborn fetus, nurseries, and cutie patootie toddlers...

Re: Since this is the Babies board,

  • Right on sister! So how are you feeling these days?
  • TIRED!

     I almost came on here and vented last night bec me and D got into a bickering fight. Excuse the hell out of me for wanting to come home and take a nap instead of cooking/ washing & folding clothes/ doing dishes. He seriously doesnt get that I am exhausted. He even said to me last night, "Do you think your the first pregnant woman to be tired?" Talk about PISS. ME.OFF.

  • I'm here!  So shall we post more pics of nurseries?  LOL!
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  • Oh Brittany I totally agree! I get so mad at Darren when he pulls that crap. I always spit back at him "you grow a person and tell me how you feel after a day of work" Men can be so stupid sometimes! I sure hope Dusty appoligized because from your blog it sounds like you do alot of cooking and cleaning and housework. He needs to lay off your balls!
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